Beautiful purple flowers by the water in Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. ©2005-2013 Jason HollandWhen is the best time of the year to travel?
In addition to leaving your front door often, think about the time of the year. If you have flexibility in your schedule you might want to consider traveling during our favorite time known as "shoulder season".

Why? You may hear people referring to high and low seasons in travel. High season is when most tourists are visiting a given locale. You will find lots of local events, festivals and energy during this exciting time but expect crowds, increased costs and lower availability due to the number of other travelers.

Low season is the opposite of high season. Enjoy a relaxing time meeting the locals without the crowds as you explore on your own. The environment is quiet and peaceful and the prices tend to be much lower than high season. Be aware that it will be more difficult to find organized activities and unique festivals plus the weather will most likely not be as nice as other times of the year.

Shoulder season is the time between high season and low season. It tends to be a great mix of activities, weather and cost. The times vary based on the location in the world that you want to visit. You will have fewer tourists which means a quieter experience and better prices. You will have some available activities and good weather in most cases.

Winter in Iceland turns the incredible Gullfoss waterfall into a crystalline paradise. ©2011 Jason HollandWhat is the weather like around the world?
Your timing will vary greatly based on the activities you want to do and the experience you expect. Travel to other countries is wonderful all times of the year. Just know what you want and talk with a professional who can give you advice.

Why? Weather greatly affects when and where you want to travel. Summer in the northern hemisphere is winter in the southern hemisphere. If you want to ski the Italian Alps, visit in our winter. Taking a caribbean cruise in the height of summer may sound like a good idea, but is impossible in most cases. Hurricane season is in full swing not to mention very hot temperatures. Consider going in November or January instead for a break from the cool weather and a delightful time at sea.

The tropical zone is the area surrounding the equator between the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. Countries within this area may have a wet season and a dry season instead of spring, summer, fall and winter. Riding elephants in Thailand in June is typically is not a good idea with hot, humid weather. Visit in January of February instead to enjoy these beautiful, lumbering pachyderms.